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For years, the experts at Buffalo Tire have been proudly providing the Buffalo area with Quality Auto Tire and Auto Repair Services.

Our highly trained team of ASE Certified Technicians pride themselves on their attention to detail and customer service.

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  • A Google User

    Oh my goodness, these guys are SO wonderful. Our poor VW camper van busted a belt out in the middle of I-90, 40 miles from the closest shop. We weren't sure if anything else was ruined, smoke and coolant went everywhere, it was just a mess. We were towed in to Buffalo Tire at 11:55am on a Saturday, (when they closed at noon) and they totally took care of us, even after closing. No rush, no fuss, nothing but pure friendliness and professionalism. They fixed our belt, tightened everything else, and thoroughly checked out the rest of the van to make sure we could make it all the way home to CA (which it did!). Wyoming doesn't seem to have a lot as far as VW specialists, but these guys took super good care of our Westfalia, and got us back on the road with no problem. I was super pleased with our experience! Thanks guys!!! : D

  • A Google User

    We heard scratching noises from the rear right wheel when we drove out of Big Horn National Forest and when we stopped at Buffalo, Wy., we saw a piece of warped metal scratching the disc inside the wheel. As Orientals driving through town with an Ontario licence plate, we were ready to be fleeced. On the recommendation of our hotel's receptionist, we took the car to Buffalo Tire. The shop looked quite busy but a mechanic attended to us rather quickly. He took a look at the wheel, crawled under, ripped out the dust shield and told us we were good to go. He also made us drive a short distance to observe the wheel to make sure everything was OK. No charges for us. Everyone in the shop was very courteous and friendly. Our only regret is not asking for the names of the people involved so we can thank them properly. May their good works be rewarded in return!

  • A Google User

    I can't say enough about these guys. They're unusually down to earth, but they're also really good at what they do. They did the oil change right by allowing all the oil to drain for about 30 minutes. Most quick lube places act like this doesn't matter, but that's just because they're looking to make more money on more cars. The people at Buffalo Tire know what they're doing and they take the job seriously. They also noticed that my timing belt was about to break. Hell, it just might be worth the trip to Buffalo to get the job done right.

  • Zoe W.

    Buffalo Tire came to the rescue when we were road tripping this summer. They were able to come up with a creative solution to bypass a hard to get part so that we could get back on the road the same day, and it didn't cost us an arm and a leg either. Bonus points for letting us pet their adorable chinchillas. Thank you!!


Our Services Include:

  • Auto Repair
  • Oil Changes
  • CV Axles
  • Tire Sales
  • Tire Services
  • Wheel Alignment
  • Auto AC Service
  • Brake Services
  • Oil Changes & Lubes
  • Wheel Services
  • And More!

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